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Lama keeps you safe

Safety and Regulatory Compliance takes priority at Lama.

E-money distributor

E-money distributor regulated by De Nederlandsche Bank

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Lama Crypto AML registration applies to Lithuania

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Receive / Send

Effortlessly send and receive Euros and Cryptos to any bank account or wallet, securely and instantly.

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Simplify your daily expenses with the ease of crypto payments.

Make payments using your preferred currencies.

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List of cryptocurrencies that can be used to make card payments

Take complete control of your cryptocurrencies and enjoy the freedom to pay with your cryptos or euros at any online or physical store.

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Take the control now

Do more with your cryptos

Crypto investment

Invest your cryptocurrencies and receive regular interest payments in your Lama earn account.

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Crypto loan

Use your cryptos as collateral to get instant cash loan.

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Lama NFT Vault

Your NFTs are securely stored in our cold storage, while offering effortless send and receive services.

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Over the counter trade

Buy or sell large amount of cryptocurrencies at the best rate on the market.

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Our plans

Subscribe to the plan you need directly through the app.


  • 1 physical card
  • 3 virtual cards

9,99 €/m

  • Low & medium return investments

  • 1% cashback in Bitcoin

  • Premium support

  • No priority access to Lama NFT

Limit per transaction
4,000 €
Limit per month
7,000 €
Limit cash withdrawal per month
500 €
Exchange fees